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I am not sure where you are going with this, but it grabbed my attention! Many organizations that acquire strategic technology, Enterprise, solutions often overlook or underestimate the complexities and cost to capture, migrate and/or convert Content. Their investment in technology consumes the majority of available budget. This results in Content that is incomplete and/or Management that does not meet expectations. The net result is the anticipated Return on Investment is never fully realized. Which begs the question; would a company with limited capital and resources be better off focusing on the content first with a tactical SaaS solution before they spend money and resources on an Enterprise wide strategic solution?

Randy - looks like you've fallen for my ploy! (insert evil laugh here) :)

But seriously, where I'm going with this, is both the beginning and the continuing journey of a discussion around Enterprise 2.0 and what that truly means.

This presentation was my "midnight epiphany" (literally - created in about 5 minutes before I crashed for the night) - and in the spirit of openness and iterating through my work, thought I'd throw the presentation out there for some feedback from the readers.

We (AIIM's Market Intelligence) are going to be spending a LOT of time, effort and money in the next 9 months on research as well as a 4-day training program on Enterprise 2.0 - so if this is of interest, please (at the least) stay tuned, and would love your active feedback as well.

To your points - as a reformed IT guy, I hear you loud and clear. Of course the irony is that any budget that I had as Director of IT or CTO in the past was not all that much, so in some ways I had to be a scrappy fellow in "getting things done." And I know that I was not alone in what I experienced then OR now.

Technologists get carried away with technology - business people tend to be afraid of or don't understand technology, and so either get "taken for a ride" by IT (or solution providers), or try to take the matter into their own hands, sometimes going for SaaS or other methods that bypasses IT, or in becoming their own IT advocates, and bringing the game back to IT as more enlightened people.

If you look at my more recent slideshare piece (Who's the Boss, MOSS?) - I talk about MOSS (Microsoft Sharepoint), open source, and SaaS as 3 major forces in this industry right now.

Between all 3, I think we're about to have a REAL "information revolution" - which is well overdue.

Combine that with Bob Boiko (and others, me included) who lament that we don't truly (and literally) "value" information, we're just on the cusp of something that should be quite an interesting ride into the next level of thinking.

I could write/talk about this for days (and just came back from cmf2007 in Denmark where I'm still a bit hoarse from doing so).

Would love your further thoughts, and any once else, feel free to chime in as well.

I'm not done yet, haven't just started, and could use all the help I can get in continuing to raise these issues loud and clear.

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