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p.s. to be fair I'll also mention FreeMind, irKM, Protege and for completeness Araucaria.

*reverse order; I was reading app names off my desktop and clicked Preview!*

Fabulous ... I look forward to paging through your presentation.

I've here linked to my scratch-pad blog rather than my usual blog or site ... it started as I was doing a survey of concept mapping methodologies and systems. CMap, Compendium, Rationale. (Ever peek Belvedere? A prof in Hawaii ... I wish he'd continued to press forward with it.)

BTW: is it just me or is SlideShare showing up a lot more often recently?

Ben - thanks for the additional comments. I do show some example CMap created Concept Maps in the presentation - and I believe they are called out as such.

Thanks for mentioning other solutions, I have a good dozen of these available on my laptop, though not plugged into all that you've mentioned.

Concept mapping has some great parallels to other aspects of information organization, classification, re-use, and of course, innovation. Hopefully some of that comes across in the presentation - although without full audio over top, it will definitely be somewhat less than 100% of the story I'd presented live.

And yes, it does seem SlideShare is growing in popularity. If they could more easily (or at all) capture transitions, embedded videos, and the richer side of multimedia, that would be even better, but it's quite handy as it stands.

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